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Nächstes Saisonspiel am 31.10.2021

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Welcome to the chess club
SK Freiburg-Wiehre 2000 e.V.

about us

We are a sympathetic chess club in Freiburg Littenweiler with approx. 30 members from young to old, from strong to amateur level. In the 2019/2020/2021 season we have 3 teams:

one team Bereichsliga Süd 3

one team Kreisklasse B

one team Kreisklasse C

Our monthly blitz tournament every first Friday of the month is well known. There is no entry fee, there are great prizes for the first 3 places and a consolation prize for the last place. Every amateur and “professional player” is cordially invited. We are always happy to have guests. Just have a look at the game evening without compulsion and play along!


Membership in a chess club is always associated with costs, because costs also arise for the club, such as payment to the association per season and player. But we keep this to a reasonable, simple level. The following contributions apply per year:

adults 50€
childrens / adolescents 25€
trainees 25€
students 25€

we look forward to members

game location

game location

FT Hotel & Restaurant

Schwarzwaldstraße 181

79117 Freiburg


friday from 18 o'clock


Dominik Müller
Dominik Müller
Kontakt über

0761 514 7213


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